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Injury, physical disability, and resulting pain can have a dramatic effect on emotional well-being. Many of our clients experience persistent physical pain, loss of income, feelings of helplessness over physical conditions, confusion, and family tension. Temporary or permanent disability can bring about an episode of depression or worsen existing depression. According to medical professionals, symptoms of depression include:

·         Feeling sad or “empty”

·         Irregular sleep patterns

·         Difficulty concentrating and making decisions

·         Feeling hopeless, irritable, or anxious

·         Lethargy, loss of energy

·         Loss of pleasure in activities once enjoyed

·         Suicidal thoughts or behavior

The Attorneys at LawSmith care about your emotional well-being. If you or someone you love experience symptoms of depression, contact a minister, your pastor, your doctor, or local community mental health professionals for assistance in identifying whether or not professional help is needed and how quickly to seek it. You do not have to live with depression, help is available!

You may have a claim which can be presented to an insurance company. If so, a lawyer can help. Whether you need an attorney near Tucker, Clarkston, Stone Mountain, Lilburn or close to Decatur, Doraville, Riverdale, or Forest Park, the Attorneys at LawSmith are here to help you obtain justice when you have a bodily injury due to an automobile accident, fall down, nursing home negligence, medical malpractice, or on the job injury.

We are also here to help if you have suffered from an injury during medical transportation, or from other injury due to negligence. Whether you call LawSmith or not, be sure to call someone who can help with your situation.

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