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Did you know that slip-and-fall injuries frequently occur in retail settings such as supercenters and grocery stores? Our experience is that approximately 35% of all slip-and-fall injuries occur in supermarkets.  Liquids, fresh produce, and packaged goods often end up on aisle floors creating hazards for shoppers.

We understand that retail stores have a reasonable obligation to keep their aisles clear and their floors clean. A fall avoided is much better than spending months or even years recuperating from an incident.

If a fall does happen, LawSmith can help.  We represent clients who fall in stores and suffer trauma ranging from a simple sprain to permanently disabling injuries.

Please be careful as you shop. If you are injured while shopping, take the following steps to insure proper treatment and compensation for your injuries:

– Look at what made you fall. It is necessary to know what the product or substance on the ground was to properly report and pursue a claim.

– Report your injury to the manager on duty.

– Take pictures of the injury site.

– Make note of your surroundings; look for caution signs, construction tape or indication of danger.

– Seek treatment for your injuries at the Emergency Department (ER), an Urgent Care Center or with your Primary Care Physician as soon as possible after the incident, preferably within 24 hours.

– Call LawSmith Attorneys. We have the experience you need.